1952 - 1961

1951 St Anne’s School, a private girls’ school in Angelo Street, South Perth is owned and run by Miss Jill Hargrave. Miss Hargrave’s brother John approaches MLC Claremont in April 1951, informing them that his sister could no longer shoulder the responsibilities of running a school. As St Anne’s is the only Protestant girls’ school south of the river, the MLC Council agreed it was necessary to take all measures to keep the school open.

1952 St Anne’s School in Angelo Street is purchased and opens as MLC South Perth with an enrolment of around 110 students. The school does not financially separate from MLC Claremont until 1958. The school quickly outgrows its humble facilities, and classrooms and a science lab are added in 1955. The initial College crest, of the intertwined letters MLC on a shield, and the school motto, ‘Per Ardua Ad Alta’ (‘Strive for the Heights’), are adopted from MLC Claremont.

1952 Mrs Margaret Way, an MLC Claremont Old Girl and St Anne’s parent, agrees to act as Principal ‘until such time as a satisfactory permanent appointment was made’. An accountant by profession, it is Mrs Way's extraordinary vision and steely determination that steers Penrhos College through its early years. Despite the very limited means of the times, Mrs Way capably meets the challenges that face her and establishes Penrhos College as a school of choice for girls. Mrs Way leads the College until her retirement in 1971.

1957 20 Onslow Street is purchased and opens as the new Junior House. The Onslow Street School remains in the hands of Penrhos College until being sold in 1972.

1959 ‘South Perth’ is added below the crest at the same time changes were made to the uniform.

1961 The First Leaving examination class graduates.