Principal's Welcome

Mrs Meg Melville - Principal of Penrhos College

Mrs Melville is known to many members of the Penrhos College community having served as Head of Senior School from 2001 to 2010. As a long serving staff member, Mrs Melville joined the Penrhos College community as an economics teacher in 1979, was appointed Head of Social Science in 1985 and became Year 11 Coordinator in 2000 before accepting the position Head of Senior School in 2001.

She brings a wealth of knowledge of the College and its values and traditions to her position as Principal, while at the same time having been actively involved in designing the College's Strategic Directions and the College's administrative organisational restructure for 2011.

“Penrhos College is committed to providing an education that honours our traditions and Christian values in a climate of change. Our students today think and operate differently to the students of years gone by.  We must help them to develop strong coping mechanisms, transferable life skills and strategies which equip them to problem-solve capably.

Our focus is on nurturing and inspiring the mind, heart, body and spirit of each girl to enable her to explore her potential, find her niche and – ultimately – to move her into adult life with a confidence that will allow her to navigate all of life’s opportunities and challenges successfully.

Penrhos College is fortunate to be resourced so that our inspirational staff and programs are well placed to support your daughter as she journeys through the Junior and Secondary Schools. To my mind, the other vital ingredient is an open, honest and positive relationship between the College and the family of each girl, to ensure that we are all working together and in her best interests.

My hope is that each Penrhos student will understand the significance of all that she has learned during her time at the College and that she will take this gift with her as she graduates from Year 12 and moves into adult life."