Our purpose is clear – To inspire girls to become extraordinary women.

This notion of ‘extraordinary’ means helping each girl to be the best she can be given her unique gifts, talents and passions. It is based on a sense of her making a meaningful contribution to the world, at whatever level and in whatever unique way she can. The notion ‘to inspire’ means to ‘breathe life into’ – to provide opportunities for her to achieve her goals.

Penrhos College is committed to an educational philosophy which acknowledges student phases of development that aim to provide a balanced and diverse education.

To inspire girls to become extraordinary women we are challenged to provide/be:

  • Inspirational Student Experiences
  • Inspirational Staff
  • An Inspirational Environment
  • An Inspirational and Enduring Community

These four key areas of focus provide us with a pathway to follow so that we can plan effectively. For more information we encourage you download the following brochures:

Strategic Directions

pdfPhases of Development