Girls in the Menai Boarding House have access to many of our amazing facilities, including the swimming pool, fitness centre and tennis courts. Then there are countless team sports she can join and that's before she even walks into the Boarding House, checks her email and catches up with her friends.

The College offers teams in tennis, hockey, basketball, netball, swimming, cross country running, athletics, volleyball, softball, gymnastics and rowing, so there is no shortage of sports for girls to choose from.
Weekends are a good time for boarders to catch up on extra study, play tennis, swim, do personal washing, or participate in organised sport, excursions and social activities. There are board games and a pool table available as alternative recreation, and craft activities are also occasionally offered on the weekends.

Come the weekend, our Recreation Officer always has something fun and unexpected in store for the girls. Trips to the movies, shopping, socials, football matches, ice-skating, aquatic centres, concerts and ten-pin bowling – we also encourage girls to suggest activities they would like to take part in. Girls are informed prior to the excursion and those interested in attending must register their interest by Wednesday.