Your daughter is about to go on one of the biggest journeys of her life. No, not moving away from home – although that is significant. Her transition from girl to young woman is a time when she needs to feel safe, supported and special.

Menai Boarding House feels more like a boarding home – an intimate, friendly and nurturing environment designed to care for your daughter at every stage of her development.

To learn more, we encourage you to download pdfThe Penrhos College Boarding Prospectus or contact the Enrolment Manager for a personalised campus tour. We would love to show you our College next time you are visiting Perth and have an hour or two free.

For further information, please contact our Registrar, Courtney McPhee:
Tel: +61 8 9368 9672

Do you live in Regional WA? We would love to see you at a Field Day in 2018!

Our Head of Boarding, Enrolment Manager, Principal Mrs Meg Melville and Marketing and Community Relations Manager all attend Field Day events to meet future, present and past Penrhos families.

Below you will find a number of questions our Enrolment Manager and Head of Boarding are frequently asked by prospective families.

Boarding FAQs

 What does the Penrhos College boarders' orientation involve?

During the orientation, girls and parents are involved in sessions with respective Heads of Years, teachers, the Head of Boarding, College Counsellors, Boarding House mothers and other relevant members of the Penrhos College community. During these sessions, both boarders and parents are informed of College procedures and expectations, with time made available for parents to ask questions. During the orientation, girls have the opportunity to stay overnight in the boarding house to experience boarding life and meet both new and current boarders.

 How does my daughter keep her belongings safe?

All girls have a locked cupboard in their bedroom where they can store their valuables. Also, money may be kept at the boarding house office if required.

 Can my daughter go out on the weekend?

Yes. Leave requirements do apply but girls, with parental permission, may go out on host leave and, depending on their year group, may join other boarders on movie, shopping and restaurant leave.

 Can my daughter board on a weekly (Monday – Friday) basis?

Yes. Girls may go home after school on Friday and return either Sunday night before 8pm or Monday morning before 8am.

 Does my daughter need to leave the boarding house at mid-term breaks and during school holidays?

Yes. The boarding house closes over these periods.

 Who is going to care for my daughter in the boarding house?

The Head of Boarding together with house mothers care for the girls. House mothers sleep overnight at the boarding house on all shifts.

 Are there tutors available for help with homework?

Yes. Two tutors are available to assist all year groups from Monday – Thursday nights (inclusive). Also, house mothers are available to help girls with homework, as required.

 What happens if my daughter is sick?

The Penrhos College Health Centre, situated on campus, caters for all day and boarding students. In the event that your daughter is unwell, she will visit the health centre and be attended to by the health centre nurse. In the event that further action is required, open times for asda george supermarket the health centre will contact parents to make necessary arrangements (i.e. your daughter goes home or goes to stay with relatives).

 What items can my daughter bring in to her boarding house bedroom?

In addition to personal bedding, girls like to bring soft furnishings such as toys, free-standing photo frames, floor rugs, cd/radio players, posters and cushions. And of course, a teddy bear!

 What activities are available for boarders on the weekend?

A myriad of activities are available. Girls are requested to give suggestions at the beginning of the year to the boarding house Recreation Officer. Activities include socials with other schools, ice skating, go-karting, paint-balling, theatre visits and movie nights – to name a few!

 Is there a buddy system in the boarding house?

Yes. Every boarder is allocated two buddies who contact the prospective boarder prior to her commencing in the boarding house. These friendships often develop into strong bonds within the boarding house. Friendships to last a lifetime!

 Are the boarders required to attend regular Chapel services?

Boarders are involved in all College activities during the school day which does include regular Chapel services. The College Chaplain visits the boarding house regularly.

 How does the boarding house arrange for doctor's appointments?

The health centre will arrange boarder's doctor's appointments. Parents are welcome to contact the health centre with any questions or requests.

 How does the boarding house laundry service operate?

Boarders send their school and sport uniform to the laundress. All personal laundry is the responsibility of each boarder.

 In what ways can parents make contact with the boarding house?

Parents are very welcome to contact the boarding house at any time. The Head of Boarding, Boarding Secretary and House mothers are available to speak with parents any time of the day or night.

 What is the availability of the Head of Boarding?

The Head of Boarding is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on-call.