As a school associated with the Uniting Church in Australia, Penrhos provides opportunities for spiritual development and the teaching of sound moral and ethical values. Christian worship plays an important part in the College program, with regular Chapel services, assemblies and community worship occasions.

Our Chaplain is a Uniting Church Minister to the Penrhos College community and provides students, staff, families and past students with care and guidance. The Chaplain's role includes conducting weddings, baptisms, funerals and wider pastoral services. Within the school environment the Chaplain and Chaplain's Assistant coordinate Chapel services, play an active role in Assemblies and oversee For Others fundraising group and events. The Chaplaincy Office is also responsible for the College's Faith and Values Program as well as our whole school worship services.

The Chaplain is available to students throughout the day and works closely with the Dean of Pastoral Care, Heads of Year, Form Teachers and School Counsellors to ensure the wellbeing of every student. Girls from other religions are accepted and encouraged to live out their own faith.