thrive at Penrhos

About thrive

At Penrhos we believe that personal wellbeing and effective relationships underpin every girl’s success and achievements. Each girl’s ability to strive for her highest must be supported by a strong pastoral care framework, which is what thrive is all about.

We promote a positive and inclusive culture where every student is encouraged to actively model our core shared values. thrive describes the range of programs, experiences and connections that support the wellbeing and personal growth of our girls in an ever-changing world.

Our programs and practices aim to graduate our students as independent, resilient young women who have a strong sense of self and a meaningful and enduring connection to Penrhos and the wider community.

From the Dean of Pastoral Care, Michelle Taylor

Growing up in the 1980s, life was fairly simple; you went to school and caught up with friends during the day. You would chat with a friend or two at night on the home phone that was shared between the whole family and centrally located in the kitchen or family room. Your connections and friendships were based on your personal interactions. Video games were just emerging, mobile phones were the size of bricks and limited in what they could do and, of course, there was no internet or social media. Young people faced challenges and difficult times but these were worked out without the use of technology.

Fast forward to the 2000 and teens. Teenage life is certainly different. Technology can connect you 24/7 to people you know, may not know, who live locally or overseas. You can receive instant messages, photos and updates from anywhere in the world. Celebrities have huge followings and have the ability to influence the beliefs and behaviour of young people. The media is keen to share the latest trends, recommend what we should wear, how we should behave, offer us tips to stay healthy and ways to lose five kilos quickly, as well as give us advice on how to keep our partner happy. These messages, if not filtered or assessed objectively, can be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of young girls.

The world in which our daughters are growing up is constantly changing. There is no doubt that academic achievement is important and valued by society, but if an individual is not able to manage herself well, make well-informed decisions and develop personal qualities to overcome adversity, nor learn to establish and maintain positive and supportive relationships, she will be less likely to ‘thrive’ and sustain her overall wellbeing.

The Pre K-Year 12 Pastoral Care Team works hard to develop and implement curriculum and programs based on best practice in positive psychology that develop and enhance the social and emotional skills of our students. ‘thrive’ provides the girls with strategies, tools and experiences to support them as they navigate through life and the numerous challenges it poses. Post Penrhos, our hope is that each individual girl feels empowered with the self-belief that she is important, she is valued, and she has the knowledge, skills and determination to manage whatever comes her way.