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Penrhos has an audacious vision for the future. 

To revolutionise girls’ education so we can all live a future without boundaries. 

Building on a strong foundation of excellence, and a history of inspiring girls to become extraordinary women, in 2021 we began a process of reviewing our strategic direction to expand and enhance it, to build a school for the future. 

This process led us to the understanding that our purpose is quite simply limitless, and with our students at the centre of all we do, we can work together to create, and prepare them for, a future without boundaries. 

The key to achieving this is built upon five pillars: 

Embrace – we nurture timeless connections 

Create – we build learning adventures for life 

Soar – we advance a culture of learning and growth 

Blaze – we empower positive rebels to lead the way 

Impact – we forge new futures in girls’ education 


While working to achieve tangible outcomes against each of these pillars, we also make the following commitments to our students: 

No ceilings – we display vision, determination and growth 

Make your own adventure – we are bold, curious and resourceful 

Find the fun – we see a world filled with wonder, joy and optimism 

Be a force for good – we love, lead and unite. 


Courage starts here.