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Teaching and Learning

Our Junior School vision is to establish a future-focused learning culture that empowers students to become independent, engaged, fulfilled, holistic, lifelong learners. We promote developmentally appropriate cognitive growth, socio-emotional development and lifelong learning for students in Years 3 – 6. High quality education and care set a positive trajectory for every child, helping to ensure her transition into Secondary School is a smooth one.

Our pedagogy is learner-centred; we recognise that critical thinking and problem-solving skills are vital in an increasingly complex world and so we foster and promote a process of inquiry, in which students are stimulated and engaged in identifying, exploring and solving real-world problems. In addition to the core subjects, students are also introduced to specialist subjects such as Music, Languages, Art and STEM classes. The girls enjoy a varied timetable, involving movement between different locations, together with responsibility for a personal notebook computer from Year 4.

In the Junior School, structured assessment is important in identifying areas for development and informing growth in student learning. Teachers collaborate over formal data to inform the differentiation, levels of support and extension required to establish academic growth over time.


Pastoral Care – Connect

As parents, we are constantly reminded about the mental health challenges faced by our children. We also know that by 2030 our Pre-K will be graduating from Secondary School at a time when depression will be the greatest burden of disease across the planet (World Health Organisation).

Our response to the issues our girls face as is crucial; as teachers and parents, we aim to provide our daughters with the best possible start in life, to grow their sense of self and to equip them with the academic skills and emotional toolkit they need to be ready for the world. To achieve this, we work in close partnership with families to develop the same language and the same goals so that we may work together towards the same outcomes.

In Junior School, the girls develop their sense of self, learn to regulate emotions, read emotions in others and develop their own emotional vocabulary. These years are the foundation – or even the springboard – into adolescence and it is important to make certain this foundation is secure. Our wellbeing program in Junior School is called Connect – it is designed to nurture your daughter’s emotional health from her early years, through to adolescence. As a wellbeing-enabling institution, Penrhos College is proactive in its approach, seeking to constantly add value to your daughter’s understanding of herself and her contribution to the world. We help develop strong women who feel good about themselves, function well in school and do good in the wider world.


Your daughter will be presented with a range of stimulating opportunities for self-discovery through our Dragon Explorers program, which includes an extended excursion or camp for each year group, from Pre-Primary to Year 6. 

Each is planned to include an outdoor education and resilience building focus. This experience is based on the concept of experiential learning - an engaged learning process whereby students ‘learn by doing’ and reflect on the process. This includes opportunities for students to engage intellectually, creatively, emotionally, socially, or physically.

Our aim is to build on each experience over time, by extending expectations from year to year.  An example of this may be a big day out at Kings Park for Pre-Primary, an overseas trip for Year 2 (Rottnest!), or an outdoor education camp for Year 5. The culminating Dragon Explorer experience in Year 6 will be tour to Canberra.

A Dragon Explorer event will target the following Positive Psychology Character Strengths; Curiosity, Bravery, Perseverance, Zest and Social Intelligence.

Year 6 is the culmination of the Junior School experience – this is when your daughter will be excited and challenged by further opportunities in leadership, co-curricular and pastoral care areas, as she begins her supported transition into Secondary School.



Experiences outside the classroom allow students to learn, to have fun, to acquire and develop skills and to establish new and productive relationships with their peers, staff and other adults. Penrhos provides Junior School students with a range of non-competitive, independent, and casual activities, which will help them all to see ‘no ceilings’, to find the fun, to make their own adventure and to be a force for good.

Co-Curricular opportunities

Junior School Co-Curricular

Junior School Co-Curricular

  • Athletics
  • AFL
  • Carnaby Kids (multisports) 
  • Cross Country
  • Dance 
  • Lego League 
  • Golf
  • Hockey 
  • International Club
  • Music
  • Netball
  • Soccer 
  • STEM Club 
  • Tournament of Minds 
  • Dragon X 
  • Swimming 
  • Volleyball
  • Get Active Club 
  • Homework Club
  • Maths Mentor

Dragon X 

Dragon X is an extended school day for Penrhos students, from Kindergarten to Year 6. Dragon X is managed and staffed by the Penrhos Junior School, including many of the Early Learning EAs and we are pleased to be able to provide this service for our families. Dragon X complements our enhanced co-curricular program.

The home base for Dragon X is the Junior School library. Penrhos Dragon X key staff oversee the program and supervise students each morning and afternoon. In the morning, students can arrive from 7.15am and will be directed to classrooms on opening at 8.15am. In the afternoon, students will attend Dragon X from 3.15 - 5.30pm. From 3.30 - 4.30pm, students may participate in a co-curricular activity and then return to the library. Dragon X and co-curricular staff work together to direct students to, and from, co-curricular activities.

To keep the students engaged, our Dragon X Coordinator runs daily activities including: 

  • Monday, music and movement
  • Tuesday, construction and STEM 
  • Wednesday, arts and crafts
  • Thursday, cooking
  • Friday, movie day

The cost of our Dragon X program is just $15 per afternoon session from 3.15pm until collection (by 6pm). The same fee applies for girls who wish to attend Dragon X from 4.30pm, following co-curricular activities, up until collection by 6pm; if a student is collected promptly at 4.30pm after participating in her co-curricular activity, no fee will be applied. There are no fees for the Dragon X morning program (7.15am to 8.15am). 

Enrolling in Dragon X is easy – simply sign up via the Compass portal, which is accessible to all parents once their daughter commences at Penrhos College.