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Teaching and learning

Our goal is to provide limitless opportunities for our girls; through a multidimensional, holistic approach to education. Helping all girls to achieve their personal best is not just our goal, it is our strong commitment. We recognise each girl will have individual strengths and passions and our teachers ensure they personalise the learning journey for each student. 

Our staff are experts in girls’ education, and they are our greatest asset. They are a passionate, innovative and caring group of professionals who inspire and motivate our students. The expectation of consistent, high-quality teaching and learning is supported by professional learning, development and growth based on sound educational research.

All staff ensure our students are at the centre of everything they do, and this guides their practice in the classroom. Educational leaders work with staff to refine their practice providing feedback to aid reflection, visible to students and parents through Compass, our Learning Management System. Each teacher is an active member of the professional learning community who work together to ensure our students experience is limitless, and they develop the courage they need to face the world.

Our staff across Year 7 - Year 12 work in partnership with parents and students to facilitate the best possible learning outcomes whilst supporting individual difference, as each student finds a balanced path for her journey through school. We are proud of the strong academic results we have achieved consistently with our students. These results show high performance but also great depth of achievement by our students. With a large range of subject offering at the College, Penrhos has various pathways to support our students to find their passion and grow to become the best versions of themselves.



Thrive describes the range of programs, experiences and connections that support the wellbeing and personal growth of our girls. Learning to thrive at Penrhos Secondary School is achieved through a pastoral curriculum based on best practice in positive psychology.

Year 7 Thrive

Year 7 students participate in transition and social and emotional learning activities. They learn strategies to assist with emotional regulation (for example, anger and worry) and are introduced to helpful thinking frameworks: optimism, putting things in perspective, developing ‘grit’ and the ‘gratitude attitude’.

Year 8 Positive Education

Year 8 students explore coping strategies, helpful thinking and mindsets. They develop a tough times toolkit and have an opportunity to delve into the personal values that guide them. They participate in the Media Smart Program which challenges media messages to young people, particularly with regards to body image.

Year 9 Learn, Live, Give

Year 9 students are provided with a framework to investigate their personal values, character strengths and leadership qualities while examining local and global issues.

Pastoral Time

During pastoral time (pastoral period, Form and Connect Form), activities, guest speakers, workshops and assemblies are organised by the Head of Year or a member of the Pastoral Care Team.

Digital Citizenship 

Students learn to build a range of skills, knowledge, and behaviours to assist them to stay safe online. The focus is for students to think before they act and to engage positively when online.

Protective Behaviours

The Protective Behaviours curriculum is a personal safety program that teaches children, young people, and adults a range of skills and strategies to: identify, respond to and find help in a range of unsafe situations while developing healthy and respectful relationships.

Connect Form

In Secondary School, Connect Form is a student wellbeing initiative to connect older and younger students in House groupings several times a year.

Big Sister and Little Sister

Big Sister is our peer support program where older students are role models and mentors to younger students in the Secondary School over a three-year period. The Little Sister program encourages interaction between girls in the Secondary School and the Early Learning Centre.

Student Leadership

Leadership opportunities exist for students in Years 7–12 based on the whole person paradigm, mind, heart, body, and spirit. Our structure recognises that students have different interests, abilities and talents, and various leadership positions allow them to harness these and develop their unique leadership style.


Student social events are organised with the intent of promoting positive interactions in a well-supervised and fun environment, with students from our school and, when invited, students from other schools.