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Helping Hand grant brings Cyber Safety Program to College in 2024

15 May 2024

by Sindi Montero, Foundation and Partnerships Coordinator

The Penrhos College Foundation proudly supports our school by ensuring the College has capacity to fund the provision of innovative programs, technology and exceptional educational opportunities for our students.

One way in which the Foundation achieves this goal is through the Helping Hand initiative. This initiative plays a proactive role in supporting College Leadership make progress towards our strategic objectives and engages with students and staff to implement ideas that will benefit the College and our current or future students.  

We welcome proposals from College staff and students, inviting them to apply for special grants provided through the Helping Hand initiative. 

Recognising the importance of our students’ wellbeing, digital literacy and educational excellence, the Foundation is excited to support a world-class cyber safety program at our College which was brought forward by our Director of Libraries and Future Learning, Will Horwood.

“The benefits of this program to our College community will have a long-lasting and significant impact, ensuring students, parents and staff will be better equipped to navigate the online world. Students will receive interactive workshops to provide them with realistic strategies to navigate online environments safely, and explore topics such as cyberbullying and online conflict, social media, online reputation, gaming, and screen time.”
Will Horwood Director of Libraries and Future Learning

What does the research tell us?

Recent findings from the Office of the Australian eSafety Commissioner show that children as young as four years old are already online. From learning and staying connected with friends to gaming and streaming services, children and teenagers are using the internet for a diverse range of purposes. 

As children are engaging more and more in online activities, it is more important than ever that we do everything we can to ensure they are safe in the digital space. 

Unwanted contact, cyberbullying and harassment are some of the challenges and negative experiences children can encounter online, with one in five young Australians aged 8 to 17 report being socially excluded, threatened or abused online.

Naturally, experts have expressed concern about the potential effects of these adverse online experiences on students’ emotional and mental wellbeing.  

Keeping our girls safe online

So how can we protect our children when they go online? How do we teach them to stay cyber safe? Prioritising cyber safety is vital for this generation of digital natives.  

One of Australia’s leading providers of online safety education, the Cyber Safety Project, is delivering a program at our school that will equip our students, parents and staff with evidence-based tools to navigate the ever-evolving digital world. 

The Penrhos College Foundation takes pride in supporting this crucial educational program aimed at empowering both our students and the wider community to navigate the online world securely.  

“The Digital Lives of Aussie Teens” report (2021) by the Office of the Australian eSafety Commissioner reveals that young Australian teens aged 14-17 spend more than two hours per day online and use an average of four different social media services. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat remain the most popular apps, with TikTok experiencing the most significant growth. 

How is the program being rolled out?

The Cyber Safety Project team is working with students and staff from Kindergarten to Year 12 offering a comprehensive program featuring age-appropriate face-to-face sessions, on-demand resources and a six-part webinar series for parents. Additionally, all webinars are conveniently accessible on demand following the live session.

The program is tailored specifically to meet our College’s needs, providing curriculum resources related to Health, Digital Technologies and Pastoral Care for teachers to incorporate.  

Parents gain access to videos and key talking points across six central cyber safety and digital wellbeing topics to help kick-start essential conversations at home. 

Working together

We achieve better outcomes when we work together for the benefit of our students. By promoting positive cyber safety at home, parents and families can support young people to participate safely and responsibly in their digital world. 

Please keep a lookout for further information on the Helping Hand Cyber Safety Project, or contact Will Horwood at for further information. 

Ways to Give

The Penrhos College Foundation acknowledges the gracious support of our College community through our Annual Giving, Bequest and Major Gift programs. 

Every donation we receive – regardless of size – is appreciated and goes directly to benefiting current and future students of Penrhos College. 

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