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Embracing the New Year: Students at the Heart of Our School Community

06 February 2024

The beginning of a new academic year brings a sense of renewal, enthusiasm, and as educators, a chance to reconnect with our purpose.

As we re-enter classrooms, it becomes evident that students play a crucial role as the heart of our school community.

Here at Penrhos College, we've made our vision clear: we aspire for our girls to envision a future without boundaries, and we proudly declare:

We put our students at the centre of everything we do.

What does this mean?

This, in no way, diminishes the incredible contribution of our remarkable staff!

Our staff are the driving force behind the magic – from dedicated educators investing time, energy, and meticulous planning in classrooms, to our grounds and facility staff ensuring safe facilities, and our administrative and support teams facilitating smooth operations. Everyone is instrumental in making it all happen.

Our staff is the driving force behind the magic

When we say "we put students at the centre of everything we do," we are contemplating our purpose – the reason we all come together. It's a genuine honour to work in the education sector because of the profound impact educating our students has.

Our students BLAZE. It is our students' energy, curiosity, and passion that are the driving force behind what we do. As we return from the holidays, we celebrate the diversity of talents, interests and backgrounds that make our student body so unique.

The Heart of the School

Our students bring wonder, joy, and optimism into our school; they are fun! As staff, we have been back for a week, and it has been great reconnecting, planning and taking part in workshops. Still, you can see and feel that now all our students are back, their presence fills our campus with laughter and joy – they fill the classrooms with ideas, and the extracurricular activities with creativity.

Purpose in Learning

Our students are not passive participants in the learning process; they love to be involved. They are bold, curious, and resourceful. Their thirst for knowledge, growth and understanding gives purpose to our daily efforts. Coming back to school after the holidays is an opportunity for students to reignite their passion for learning and for us, as educators, to fuel that fire.

Community Building

Penrhos is so much more than just a physical space for learning – it is a community that thrives on collaboration and mutual support. Our students contribute to the creation of a positive and inclusive environment. As teachers, we focus on building connections, fostering relationships and embracing all our students' backgrounds that make our school community strong.

In a time of teacher shortages and recognising the challenges of the profession, it is important to reflect on what a privilege it is, and how lucky we are, to work with such amazing families and students. There are challenges, but their presence, passion and energy are why we do what we do and can bring us such joy.

At Penrhos, we value our community (EMBRACE), our learning adventures (CREATE), our amazing staff (SOAR), empowering our students (BLAZE) and our future (IMPACT).

Thank you to our Penrhos staff and all those within the education sector. Your dedication ensures our children receive an extraordinary education, surrounded by caring and supportive individuals.

“Together, we shape the future”
Kalea Haran Principal, Penrhos College