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Game Changers

18 March 2024

by Brenton Mizen, Head of Sport

It is an honour and privilege to have taken on the role of Head of Sport at Penrhos College last year.

Working alongside a positive and passionate PE department and enjoying the support of dedicated staff throughout the school is truly inspiring.

The prospect of continuing the legacy of a school with such a robust sporting history, particularly as one of the most successful IGSSA schools, fills me with excitement for the future. The growth in student numbers across the school, the impressive participation in team sports, and the abundance of passionate and talented students makes for an extremely exciting future. 

I am eager to contribute to the ongoing success and development of sports at Penrhos, fostering a culture of excellence and providing enriching experiences for our students.

Pre-Kindy to Year12 Approach / Aligning IGSSA and JIGSSA

Aligning sporting programs from Pre-Kindy to Year12 creates a cohesive and progressive sports culture at Penrhos College. This is important for fostering widespread participation and addressing the dropout rate in girls' sports.

Creating this alignment allows us to implement programs for secondary school girls to mentor and guide younger athletes. It also allows us to hold joint events and skills clinics where senior athletes actively participate in coaching or demonstrating skills to younger students. 

By creating a seamless transition from junior to secondary levels, we aim to build a robust sports community that encourages involvement and provides opportunities for older girls to serve as role models to our younger students. This alignment also serves as a visual pathway for younger girls, showcasing the journey from introductory sports in JIGSSA into IGSSA and beyond. 

This fosters a sense of camaraderie, provides role models, and encourages a supportive sports culture within the Penrhos community, while also giving our senior students an opportunity to build their range of experiences in coaching and mentoring.

Recognition and celebrating sport at Penrhos

In 2024, we will have a Sport Celebration event to recognise all sports collectively and to celebrate the hard work, commitment and many accomplishments throughout the year. By shining a spotlight on their tireless efforts, we aim to deepen the sense of community, unity, and pride for the Penrhos sports students within the broader College community. 

This celebration will reflect on our athletic success and will be testament to the shared values and resilient spirit that define our sports community. This special event will be dedicated to applauding the victories and the remarkable journeys and unwavering commitment of all students. 

We will also be recognising outstanding achievements of alumni that have occurred throughout the year.

Penrhos Wellbeing and Performance Program and Year 9 and 10 Sport Performance Class

In 2024, we will see the establishment of the ‘Penrhos Wellbeing and Performance Program’, with a strong emphasis on the connection between physical and mental wellbeing, knowledge, and skills development, as well as strength and conditioning. This program will also be integrated with the Year 9 and Year 10 Sport Performance classes from a curriculum perspective. 

We are excited to have our first sport-specific elective that combines the basic theories of sport performance with practical performance. It will also create a pathway to Year 11 and Year 12 Physical Education Studies.

The overall aim of the Wellbeing and Performance Program will be to cultivate a holistic approach to student development, integrating physical and mental wellbeing, and enhancing athletic performance through general fundamentals in Years 7-9 and specialised strength and conditioning programs in Years 10-12.

Enhancing our connection with our Parent and Alumni network

We will strengthen out link with our parent and family network by establishing a "Friends of Sport" group. This will aim to leverage the invaluable experiences and expertise of our sports community, creating a structured framework for quality engagement.

This group will exist alongside other longstanding support groups including Friends of Music and Friends of Drama and Dance and will provide our girls the opportunities to access high quality coaching, exceptional networking opportunities and mentorship. 

If you are interested in being involved please contact me at

Sporting Tours

In 2024 and beyond, we are dedicated to enhancing the opportunities for girls to participate in sporting tours, to demonstrate the global possibilities that arise from being student athletes. 

Our vision includes participation in national and international competitions, global training camps and university tours. We aim to connect students with professional athletes, especially Penrhos Alumni, and create networking opportunities on a worldwide scale. 

These initiatives will help to  shape their athletic journeys, and equip them with the skills and perspectives needed to thrive in an interconnected and dynamic world.

Being a part of the sports community at Penrhos is truly exhilarating. I am looking forward to continuing to create opportunities for all of our students, fostering an environment of fun and enjoyment while inspiring a lifelong love of physical activity. 

Our aim is to showcase the exceptional talent and dedication of Penrhos College students while also sharing their achievements with the world. 

It's an exciting journey, and I eagerly anticipate the positive impact it will have on our girls and the broader Penrhos community.