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Group studying vs self learning: Which is better?

02 August 2023

Figuring out the most effective way to study is a core part of success; both at school and later in life. While studying alone may sound more productive than group learning with so many opportunities for jokes and distractions, determining whether group learning or self-learning is better for memory retention is not so straightforward.

Group study has a surprising number of benefits when the right learning technologies and methods are put in place.

Discover the advantages and differences between group v solo study, and how a leading private all-girls school combines individual and group study for the best results.


The advantages of studying alone

Self-learning is a key part of long-term success. The ability to take in, process, and remember new information alone is an important part of many careers in almost every leading industry, and with the right learning technologies and methods, there are a plethora of benefits to solo study.


Increased focus

Establishing strong study habits is one of the key roads to success, and solo study allows you to switch into focus mode and get plenty of work done in one sitting.


Fewer distractions

As much as you may try to focus in a group setting, the many surrounding distractions can cause problems. Provided you find a quiet place to study (and turn off your phone!), you can allow your brain the space to increase focus and hold yourself accountable for completing the study.


Set your own pace

Everyone has subjects they are great at, and others where you need a bit more time to come to grips with the information. Self-learning lets you set the pace, whether that’s more time to learn a new skill or working at a faster pace than usual to solve problems from your favourite class.


Helpful benefits of group study

While the thought of studying in a group may seem counterproductive to some, the right study partners can significantly increase information recollection as well as motivation.


Boosts memory retention

Studying with others significantly helps memory retention through the simple act of explaining, discussing, and debating the topics at hand. Repetition and confirming your comprehension are one of the best ways to retain information correctly.


Tests comprehension

If you can explain a concept to someone else this shows how well you understand it, therefore increasing the likelihood of you remembering these ideas come exam time. Working together to discuss and explain topics is a huge benefit of group studying.


Instant feedback

Being able to get immediate peer feedback, as well as asking others for help, is a fantastic way to improve performance. Discussing ideas as a group allows you to see immediately if you have sufficient clarity when communicating information.


What is the best time to study alone vs in a group?

While each student learns and takes information in differently, it’s widely accepted that a mix of both solo and group learning is best for everyone. Studying in groups has immense advantages that cannot be replicated, but discounting self-learning entirely would be a mistake.

Experienced educators at the top schools in Perth understand the need for balance, recommending approximately 80% individual study supported by 20% quality group study.

Find the right balance for you – consider studying alone if there are too many distractions, the group is too talkative, or you’re at a different study level, and choose group learning if you benefit from discussing information, have focused classmates, and you retain information better with added motivation.


Accessing different learning methods at Penrhos

Penrhos College is a renowned private all-girls school in Perth, dedicated to supporting both important self-learning and effective group study. Decades as a top school in Perth have resulted in impressive student results, as same-sex schools are renowned for effective group learning and encouraging different learning methods.

Contact Penrhos College private all-girls school today to discuss enrolment, book a campus tour, or with any queries.