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Celebrating our sporting success and team spirit in Term 2

17 June 2024

by Brenton Mizen, Head of Sport

What an eventful Term it has been! From exhilarating competitions to heartening displays of school spirit, Term 2 has been a whirlwind of excitement and pride. Let's delve into the highlights:

Year 7-12 InterHouse Athletics Carnival 

This Term, the much anticipated Interhouse Athletics Carnival saw fierce competition among our Year 7-12 students. The event was a colourful spectacle with vibrant fancy dress and spirited participation. Congratulations to Troy for emerging victorious in this year's carnival, showcasing exceptional athletic prowess and team spirit.

Year 3 Winter Games 

Hosted at St Mary’s, our Year 3 girls experienced a variety of sports in a fun and engaging environment. They had the opportunity to try their hand at hockey, basketball, gymnastics, volleyball, netball, and rugby. The event emphasised enjoyment and exploration, helping the girls to develop a love for different sports.

Year 6 Winter Games 

Spread across three weeks, the Year 6 Winter Games provided an excellent platform for our girls to participate in competitive fixtures across either basketball, soccer, hockey or netball. The improvement in skills and teamwork was evident as the weeks progressed. A special thanks to our secondary school girls who supported the event by coaching and umpiring games.

SSWA Cross Country 

Our girls demonstrated a strong performance in the SSWA Cross Country, setting the stage for the IGSSA Cross Country. Notable top 20 finishes included Grace Richter (9th) and Chantal-Marie Sceresini (18th) in the Girls 13 category, Ava Fisher (11th) in Girls 14, Naomi Meuleman (10th) in Girls 15, Madeleine Pink (5th) and Jemima Stagg (10th) in Girls 16, and Brianna Jones (20th) in Girls 17. The Girls 16 team won the overall trophy, showcasing their endurance and determination.


The IGSSA Golf competition took place during the mid-term break at Cottesloe Golf Course and Claremont Par 3 course. Congratulations to Sophia Reed from Year 7, who won the Stableford competition. Milla Karnady (Year 11) and Amelie Reed (Year 10) also represented Penrhos College admirably. Additionally, Alycia Huang (Year 7), Millie Crone (Year 7) and Chloe Jiang (Year 9) triumphed in the Ambrose competition.

Year 4 Winter Games 

The Year 4 Winter Games Day was a delightful event focused on introducing new sports such as AFL, netball, and soccer. The girls enjoyed a friendly round robin competition, fostering sportsmanship and enthusiasm for physical activity.

IGSSA Cross Country

Our IGSSA Cross Country team performed admirably, securing second place in the Year 8 Pennant and fourth in the Year 11/12 Pennant. Special congratulations to the following top 10 finishers: Grace Richter (5th), Ava Fisher (6th) and Saoirse Fowler (8th) in Year 8; Naomi Meuleman (10th) in Year 9; and Jemima Stagg (3rd) and Madeleine Pink (7th) in Year 11/12. 

IGSSA Netball and Hockey

The IGSSA Netball season was thrilling, with a significant number of girls participating. We had 10 teams in Year 7/8, 5 Junior teams and 4 Senior teams. The enthusiasm and commitment were evident across all levels:

  • Year 7/8 A: Second place
  • Year 7/8 B: First place
  • Year 7/8 C: Third place
  • Senior A: Fourth place, with many close games
  • Senior B: Second place
  • Senior C: Third place

Our hockey teams had a fun and competitive season, and it was wonderful to see the girls enjoying the sport:

  • Year 7/8 B: Fourth place
  • Senior A: Sixth place

A special thanks to our Year 12 girls who represented Penrhos this Term. Many of these girls have been dedicated to their chosen sport since Year 7 and their commitment has been inspiring.

Upcoming Events

As we approach the final week of the Term, we look forward to the Year 5 Winter Games and the Head of the River. Best of luck to all the girls participating I am excited to see them give their best for Penrhos.

Looking ahead

Next term promises to be just as exciting with the JIGSSA Cross Country, IGSSA Athletics, and the Junior School Athletics Carnival on the horizon. 

Together, let's continue to support and celebrate our girls' sporting achievements.