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The importance of choosing a Perth Junior School with a holistic learning curriculum

02 August 2023

Looking for the right Junior School in Perth for your daughter involves plenty of decision-making. Do you want a public or private Primary School? Where should it be located? Does it provide the right learning experience format to suit my child’s needs?

As well as offering a high standard of traditional classroom-centric learning, innovative schools are providing an impressive range of co-curricular activities to cater to children’s emotional, social, physical, creative, and intellectual needs.

Read on to discover the advantages of choosing a holistic curriculum over exam-focused classroom learning environments, and how Penrhos College can cater to the unique skills and needs of your daughter as she enters Junior School.


The benefits of a holistic approach at a private primary school

While traditional teacher-led, academic-focused curriculums have a reputation as more likely to achieve higher exam results, there are many reasons why this is not the case. Every child learns differently and gaining access to subjects that teach them new skills and expand their horizons are more likely to guide them on a path of success as they grow and develop.

A Perth Junior School that works with a holistic approach provides multiple methods of support, encouragement, and practical facilities to help students build confidence. Benefits include:

  • Discovering new interests and passions
  • Learning time management skills
  • Building self-esteem
  • New relationships
  • Improved social skills
  • Commitment, and leadership


How specialist subject at a Perth Junior School can help your child

A quality learning experience that allows students to have fun and make productive relationships (as well as learn and develop skills) is the well-rounded approach needed to produce capable and grounded young women.

Finding a Perth Junior School, such as Penrhos College, that offers a vast range of art, STEM, and language classes provides your child with the opportunity to explore both her personality and strength. Specialist classes that focus on Mind, Heart, Body, and Spirit include:

  • Chess, math, and problem solving
  • Sports (AFL, cricket, basketball, running, dance, tennis, and much more)
  • Percussion, drama, vocal, and chamber chorale
  • Minecraft, art, and bible study


The importance of nourishing co-curricular activities

To effectively promote both positive social development and cognitive growth, junior girls need the care and support of a future-focused learning environment. This means focusing not only on exam results, but on how happy, confident, and productive these young women are overall.

Sending your child to a private primary school with a holistic curriculum means investing in their future as independent, fulfilled people with a lifelong love of learning.


Learner-focused classes promote problem-solving and the value of critical thinking, such as STEM classes.


Allowing children to learn more about a topic they love will boost their overall confidence and engagement, such as speech and drama club.


Too often the physical well-being of girls is overlooked. At Penrhos College, all typically ‘male’ sports are available, from AFL to cricket.


Part of a nourishing varied curriculum is stimulating a child’s spirit, as well as their minds, such as the Sights, Sounds, and Tastes class.


Choosing Penrhos College

Penrhos College has established itself as a trusted Perth Junior School renowned for its expansive holistic curriculum, focusing on the internal and external well-being of each child as much as their success in the classroom. High-quality education is combined with a wide range of co-curricular activities, with each expertly trained educator focused on developing their heart and soul, as well as their minds.

Get in touch today to discuss enrolling your daughter in Penrhos Colleges’ Junior School, or to book an informative campus tour.