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The reasons and benefits of choosing a top high school in Perth

03 August 2023


Finding the right school for your child is key for developing their strengths, personality, interests, and academic capabilities as they grow. If you’ve started to look beyond local public schools in your area, it’s worthwhile finding one of the top high schools in Perth that offers a superior private education for your children.

The best high schools in Western Australia are known not only for their impressive academic rankings across the state, but the exceptional facilities, special extracurricular activities, and opportunities to expand knowledge and experience in a wide range of areas – from STEM to the performing arts.

Let’s discover the main benefits of sending your child to a top private school in Perth, and why it’s such an important step for their future.


Why top high schools are so desirable

Whether you’re looking for a smaller class size or additional support for your child’s academic success, there are many reasons to seek out a high performing high school. Like most parents, you likely want to find a reputable school that fits in with your family’s morals, values, and standards, making top high schools with a positive and motivational culture especially desirable.

Consider the following questions when researching the most desirable high schools in Perth:

  • Are top-quality facilities an important factor?
  • Does the range of available subjects impact your decision?
  • Is there a focus on academic achievement?
  • Does the school offer the selection of sports your child is looking for?
  • Is there a welcoming atmosphere for students of all backgrounds, religions, and ethnicities?
  • Are there boarding options for students living far away?
  • Will your child have access to exciting opportunities for their future career, social connections, and life aspirations?
A. High academic standards and quality of education

Attending a top private school in Perth with a superior quality education means students of all abilities can thrive in the best possible learning environment.

All the top academic schools in Perth go above and beyond to provide a premium education, along with additional learning opportunities, after-school study, entering competitions, and expanding their skills to thrive in a positive academic space.

B. Experienced and dedicated teachers

No one spends more dedicated time and energy with students than the teachers and staff, and leading private high schools understand the value they bring to the table. High standards for subject knowledge, teaching practices, and consistency ensure only the most passionate teachers are working with your children in a supportive, helpful manner.

As well as understanding that each student has a unique path to learning and success, experienced teachers emphasis a great parent-school relationship, and ensure clear communication is in place to benefit each student.

C. Opportunities for extracurricular activities and leadership development

The difference between an average school and a high-performing high school is often the broad range of co-curricular activities available for students. While academic success is undoubtedly important, providing a balanced and well-rounded education is essential for creating happy and fruitful adults later in life.

Activities at leading private schools like Penrhos embody all areas of Mind (chess, maths, technology, debate, and more), Body (cross-country, swimming, rowing, self-defence, and more), Heart (music, drama, school productions, and more), and Spirit (community service, philosophy, bible study, library committee, and more).

D. State-of-the-art facilities and resources

Too often girls are expected to stay within the traditional career boundaries of women. Choosing top academic schools in Perth means exposing your daughter to limitless possibilities – with help from leading resources and state-of-the-art facilities.

By encouraging young women to pursue careers in STEM, and investing in superior resources to stay on track with developments in tech and science, it can give them the tools and skills they need to find success after school.

E. Strong college admission and career prospects

From Junior School through to Year 12, students of leading high schools are prepared for success at University and beyond. By encouraging every student to take part in a varied and inclusive curriculum, they all take away valuable lessons and skills that encourage personal and emotional growth as well as academic success.


What are the benefits of attending top academic schools in Perth?

One of the main ways to determine the top high schools in Perth is their academic record. Have their results improved in recent years? Do they offer a wide range of subjects and academic opportunities? Are there options for accelerated learning?

As well as considering these important questions when selecting the best school for your child, contemplate the following key benefits of attending a school with a superior academic record.

A. Enhanced academic and intellectual growth

Looking at the excellent past results of private high school students goes a long way to showing just how well it can enhance your child’s intellectual development. In particular, schools with leading STEM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) can benefit students’ academic development, as well as overall confidence, focus, and well-being.

B. Preparation for college and career success

Schools that prioritise motivational teachers, top-quality facilities, and unique academic opportunities will undoubtedly help your daughter achieve success – in whatever format that takes. Regardless of their goals for future careers or additional study, encouraging staff can help your child stay on the right path and achieve long-term success.

C. Development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills

High-performing high schools in Perth tend to have a great balance between academic and co-curricular activities, where learning to work together and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills has a huge positive impact on intellectual growth.

D. Exposure to diverse perspectives and global awareness

A great school encourages the discussion of global issues and doesn’t shut down exposure to diverse perspectives and debates. Creating a well-rounded generation of young women prepares them with the skills and knowledge to take on the world, and hold their own in some of the most competitive global fields.

Penrhos College welcomes girls of all cultures, religions, and genders, and each student is shown the importance of respecting all humans regardless of race, age, ethnicity, beliefs, or identity.

E. Networking and social connections for future opportunities

Growing up from a girl to a young woman in a respected private high school can truly help set you up for life, with a vast network of friends and positive social connections to link with in the future.


Choose the top private school in Perth for your child

Penrhos College is proud to be one of the top academic schools in Perth, providing each young woman who attends this leading private high school with a superior education and the tools to create lifelong happiness and success.

From helping them create strong college admissions and achieving academic success to learning new skills through co-curricular activities, the students of Penrhos reap a vast range of advantages from attending a top Perth high school.

Contact Penrhos College today to book a campus tour, discuss enrollment, or with any queries.