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Why leading STEM education at Penrhos is great for your girls

02 August 2023

A well-rounded education is not just about exam results. The right learning environment should teach our children critical thinking and problem solving, equipping them with the confidence and ability to tackle a wide range of problems regardless of their chosen career path.

For too long girls have been excluded from accessing quality STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education, leading to a serious dearth of qualified women in these vital sectors.

Prominent all-girls schools like Penrhos College have put in the work to change this pattern, providing students with a rich STEM education that drives discovery, leadership, and the creativity needed to solve real-world problems.


Career-starting stem programs for high school students

STEM education teaches a wide range of skill sets, integrating key areas of innovation and cutting-edge research within these booming sectors; many high paid jobs are within computer science and electrical engineering.

The many skills learnt in STEM education are highly applicable to the world of the future:

  • Digital literacy
  • Independent thinking
  • Problem living
  • Critical analysis
  • Initiative
  • Resourcefulness
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork

With women filling only a minor proportion of the STEM workforce – around 28% – today’s leading private high school educators are focused on equipping the next female generation with the skills and confidence to help shape the world with transformative science-based resolutions.


The importance of STEM education in a private high school

The core of STEM education is learning how to think critically like an engineer or scientist and use this skill to improve local and global communities with new ways of helping the environment, preventing diseases or pandemics, and ensuring clean and healthy food and water for all.

Sending your daughter to an all-girls school where STEM is a priority helps strengthen their voice, giving her confidence in decision-making and motivation to become the next leading changemaker, innovator, or entrepreneur.


Typical barriers to pursuing stem education for girls

Failing to help young women join the Fourth Industrial Revolution (from VR and AI to robotics and 3D printing) would be a devastating ‘brain drain’ that would hinder the entire STEM sector, instead of helping them get the career opportunities, salaries, and leadership roles they deserve.

Multiple factors help perpetuate gender gaps in STEM:

  • A confidence gap: many girls can lose confidence in their maths abilities from a young age, leading to STEM underrepresentation by the time they reach university
  • Gender stereotypes: girls can be underestimated in traditionally ‘masculine’ STEM fields
  • Fewer role models: a lack of strong female role models like engineers and scientists throughout history results in less inspiration to follow in their footsteps
  • A male-dominated workforce: women can be deterred from inflexible workplaces that primarily cater to men


Choosing a leading STEM education program

Penrhos private high school places vast importance on using STEM education for girls to strengthen their confidence, participation, and potential. STEM programs are available for all ages:

Junior School, Year 5 – students focus on ICT (information and communications technology, use Google Sketch design and MIT Scratch and can enter STEM competitions.

Secondary School, STEM Club – a different area of STEM is discovered in a fun, accessible way with each weekly workshop.

Whole School, Maths Mentor – Students meet and learn from mathematical enthusiasts such as academics, university mentors, and industry professionals.


Growth and innovation at Penrhos all-girls school

Penrhos College is a leading provider of STEM education programs in Perth, with a robust foundation paving the way for an equal and inclusive learning environment where girls can be themselves.

Contact Penrhos Colleges’ friendly team today to discuss enrolment, to book a campus tour, or with any queries about STEM programs for high school students.